• Rentals, and Test Rides

    E-bikes are an amazing innovation, combining the human experience and mechanical advantage like never before. If you haven't been on an E-bike, come by our shop and try one out, its like riding a bike for the first time all over again!

    Test Rides

    Safe test area, Easy to try!

    If you're considering an E-bike purchase, we strongly encourage a free test ride, up to 20 minutes per bike. Helmet included.

    No sales pressure. No purchase commitment.


    The top of Skinner's Butte is only a 5 minute ride on an E-bike. Even at a 15% grade, you'll be shocked how easy it is to get up it! We accompany test riders if desired.




    Short, traffic-free ride from shop to Eugene's Ruth-Bascom River Trail.

    Lock, helmet, and water included.
    Gift certificates available

    $25 - minimum
    $35 - half day.
    $50 - full day.

    (Negotiable for longer time)

    Up to $100 applies towards purchase within 30 days



    This option applies to Demo bikes not in our rental fleet, including select floor demo models.

    Purchase credit applies only to bike rented.


    Full day may bring bike back next day except Saturday bookings (return Tuesday). Pre-book for collection/drop off as early as 7am.


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