• Our Workshop.

    We offer professional, honest, affordable service so your electric bicycle will provide reliable transportation and enjoyment for you.

    We service and repair most makes/models of e-bikes. Please call ahead.

    Availability of parts will vary and at times may preclude our ability to repair certain brands in a timely fashion.


    Our lead tech Mike is a Journeyman Machine Fitter and licensed Industrial Electrician.

    Certifications from UBI, LEVA, Oregon Electric Board


    • When you buy a bike from us we provide 3 months free labor on warranty issues. We are often able to negotiate free labor charges for up to 2 years with certain manufacturers.

  • Electric Bicycle Maintenance

    Proper maintenance of your E-bike is simple and cost effective.


    If you purchased a bike from us, be sure to ask about rental bikes too

    ($10-$15 delivery, rental rate negotiable, often complimentary.)




    20% discount on labor for all bikes and conversions purchased through us!

    New Bike Tune up.


    (Timing depends on bike usage and rider weight).

    In the first 3 months of owning your E-bike cables will slacken as your new bike naturally settles in, to counteract this your first tune up is $50 off!


    Includes checking spoke tension, checking for loose fasteners, adjusting derailleurs, bearings and brakes,

    inspecting and inflating tires, road test.


    Must bring in bike within 90 days of purchase.

    Complete Tune Up



    Includes checking spoke tension, checking for loose fasteners, adjusting and lubricating drivetrain, bearings and cables. Adjust gears and brakes, inspect and inflate tires. Additionally we will verify the integrity of your electrical system. Finally, a Road test.

    Complimentary wipe down provided. $10 Extra charge for bikes brought in with excessive mud/debris.

    Parts replaced as needed, cost of parts not included

    Whats wrong with it?


    If your E-bike wasn't purchased from us, and isn't working -- We will go through your entire system and find the problem!

    This service includes: checking all connections and cabling; Testing your battery and motor physically and electrically; stress testing the bike, and contacting the manufacturer to track down any parts required.


    Finally we will provide you with a quote to get your bike back in tip top shape.


    Does not include cost of repair.


    20% Discount

    for loyal Customers!

    On general labor and

    Complete Tune ups.

    Only applies for electric bicycles bought through Eugene Electric Bicycles.

  • E-bikes bought elsewhere

    Mike and John will consult with you without charge on a plan of action to get you back on the road.


    Our general hourly rate is $75 after consultation for warranty labor, custom jobs, or electrical work.


    Alternatively we can charge by service provided. Below we have listed a sample of service prices. If you have further questions please contact us by phone or email!


    As important as pedals!

    Maximum Brake service cost: $60/ pair

    Service rim brakes - $15 each, $25 pair

    Service disc brakes - $15 each, $25 pair

    Rotor noise/ Squeal out - $10, $5 with brake service

    Install rim brake shoes - $20

    Install disc brake pads - $25

    Install brake rotor - $25

    True brake rotor - $10 each, $15/pair

    Brake cable and housing change - $15 each

    Hydraulic brake bleed - $25 minimum


    'go round and around'


    Replace tube - $15 + Tube cost

    Replace tire - $15 each + tire

    Replace tube, Hub motor - $20

    Wheel truing - $25 minor true, $50 major

    Spoke replacement(s) - $20 minimum labor, $10 each additional spoke

    Wheel build - $100

    Rear hub rebuild/lace motor into wheel - $100+spoke cost




    Some parts do all the work


    Derailleur adjustment - $25 each, $35 pair

    Derailleur cable and housing change - $20

    Cassette or free-wheel replacement - $20

    Chain replacement - $30

    Adjust headset - $10

    Crank service -- $30-60 depending on involvement.

    Accessories and miscellaneous services

    Bells and whistles.

    Fenders, each - $15

    Fenders, full set - $25

    Standard rack installation - $20

    Front basket/saddle/seat/pedals - $10

    New bike assembly, testing, and quality check (out of store purchase) - $150+

    Grip/light/kickstand installation - $5

    Handlebar computer installation - $15

    Handlebar replacement (including accessories attached) - $25-40

    Stem replacement - $20

  • Warranty Concerns?

    If your E-bike is under warranty and you purchased it through us, we provide 3 months free labor on warranty issues. We are often able to negotiate free labor charges for up to 2 years with certain manufacturers. More often than not, we do not charge for warranty repairs


    If you didn't purchase your E-bike through us we will still honor the manufacturer's warranty. Unfortunately most warranties do not include labor costs, which will be billed at our general service rate.

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