• Service and Repairs


    Service Plans

    Become a member of our E-family, and keep your E-bike in tip top shape all the time!


    Service plan members get priority during the busy seasons, and are given automatic email reminders for services!


    Though more expensive upfront, if you don't expect to do your own maintenance, these plans can be a lifesaver! These plans include amenities that single visit customers will miss out on such as free rentals and referral bonuses!

    Single Visit

    Brakes not quite right? Display acting up? If you do most of your own maintenance this is the road for you! Take advantage of our expertise only when you need it.


    All charges and services discussed with you when your bike is brought in. Any additional services required will be confirmed with you beforehand.


    Minimum $20 for mechanical work, $50 for electrical

    Discount for bikes purchased through us.


  • Service Packages

    20% OFF if you purchase a service package on the same day as your E-bike!

    Commuter Package

    $199 for 1 year

    • 1 Performance tune up per year
    • Adjustments as needed, up to 12x per year
    • Bike cleaning, 3x per year w/service
    • Electrical checks, as needed. 
    • Flat repairs, up to 10x per year
    • Roadside Assistance within 20 miles of shop
    • Delivery after service
    • Refer a friend and get up to 20% off membership!
    • Note: Does not include price of replacement parts.

    This service pays itself off after 6 months with a regular maintenance schedule which we will help you with via email!



    Premium Service Package

    $299 for 1 year.

    • 1 Rebuild Service Per Year
    • As-Needed Adjustments
    • Electrical checks as needed.
    • Bikes cleaning, up to 3x per year w/service
    • Flat Repairs
    • Roadside Assistance within 20 miles of shop
    • Delivery after service
    • Free E-rental with scheduled service. 
    • 10% off throughout the store, 25% off parts
    • 1x Free day rental for a friend!
    • Refer a friend and get up to 25% off membership! (4 friends per year and your membership is free!)

    This plan takes full advantage of our workshop, keeping your bike clean and adjusted all year round. Additionally, once per year we will strip,clean, and rebuild your E-bike for $99, leaving it almost as new as it was day one!


    We are a company dedicated to changing the way people commute in Lane county. If you refer a friend to us and they purchase an E-bike, we will give you a free tune up!

    Have an idea for referral bonuses? Email us!



    At time of purchase all that is required is a verbal confirmation of referral and we will apply your credit!

  • Single Visit

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Quick Stop - $10

    Quick stop by, single issue or single tool job. Bike doesn't enter the workshop or get put into a rack.


    Noisy fenders, loose handlebars, seat post, head-stock or similar issue


    Parts not included. No appointment needed.

    Check Up - $25

    Your E-bike doesn't need a full tune up, but does need some love.


    Safety check, adjustments as needed to derailleur,brakes, and seat. Check all electrical connections and test ride.


    Parts not included.​Appointment suggested

    Performance Tuneup and E-bike cleaning - $70

    Safety check, adjustments as needed to derailleur,brakes, cables, spokes, and seat. Check all electrical connections and test ride.

    Additionally we will check your bearings, clean the bottom bracket and frame, true your wheels, discs, and check the health of your charger and battery.


    Parts not included. 

    Appointment strongly recommended, walk ins go to the back of the line.

    Complete Rebuild - $200

    The service that includes it all.


    All components will be disconnected, inspected, and cleaned. Before rebuild, the frame will be cleaned and any scratches touched up.

    Wheels and discs trued, pads changed, new cables/housings, head-stock reassembly, spoke tension check, and new tubes in your tires. Finally, the electrical system will be removed, cleaned, inspected, and re-installed.


    This is the closest to having your bike brand new as you can get.


    This service package includes parts for new cables, housings, brake pads and brake fluid (if brakes were hydraulic)


    By appointment ONLY

    Electrical Health Check-$50

    Have an E-bike acting up, can't find the issue? Bought a used E-bike and not sure about it?

    Have us test your system and figure out the issue. Just make sure you bring the charger as well!

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