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E-Bike Rentals

Plan Your Next Cycling Adventure

Enjoy a short, traffic-free ride from our shop to Eugene’s Ruth-Bascom River Trail! You can expect a battery range of 20-90 miles, depending on bike model and rider input.

We have maps of the Eugene/Springfield area, ask for one before you go! Visit our resources page for digital versions.

  • Riders must be at least 16 years of age.

  • A current ID and credit card is required.

  • Renter is responsible for equipment losses and damages outside of normal wear and tear.

  • We will give you an overview of the bike’s features and how to use them.

  • If you decide to purchase an E-Bike within 14 days of your rental adventure, we will apply the rental fee to your purchase! (Up to $100 discount)

Preview the Rental Agreement & Waiver Form

We have a limited quantity of bikes - Contact us to schedule your bike rental today.


Half-Day (Up to 4 Hours)
Pick up from 10am to 2pm, return within 4 hours.

Full Day (Up to 8 Hours)
Pick up as early as 10am, return before close.

24 Hours
Pick up from 10am to 2pm, return within 24 hours.

Multi Day
Pick up from 10am to 6pm, charged per day. (Return day will not be charged if bikes are returned before 10:30 that day)
$100 1st day - $80 per additional day


Late Fee
Pick up from 10am to 2pm, return within 4 hours.

Dirty Bike
Charged per bike for excessive filth beyond normal levels.

If the bike comes back with damages beyond normal wear and tear, the renter is responsible for the cost of any needed replacement parts.

Rental Accessories


Kryptonite U-Lock

Rear Tannus Liner

Basket (upon request)

Bottle Cage (upon request)

Rental FAQ

Our rentals are intended for roads and paved paths only. Riding on bumpy terrain could result in extra charges due to damage or excessive dirtiness.

Our rental bikes are fitted with Tannus Armour in the rear tires to protect you from most causes of flat tires. However, sometimes flats happen anyway!

Go ahead and give us a call and we will do our best to make it right. If you are within a reasonable distance, we might even be able to run a new bike to you, but this is not guaranteed.

For damages beyond normal wear and tear, you will most likely be required to cover replacement parts. Damage charges will be made at the owners’ discretion.

Generally we will not charge for a flat tire unless it is obvious that the bike was ridden across rugged or treacherous terrain in violation of the rental waiver.

In the event of theft, the renter is responsible for the cost of replacing the bike. This is why we offer a kryptonite bike lock with every rental, so be sure to use it!

Loop the cable around the front wheel and through the U-lock, put the U-lock through the rear triangle of the frame and around the bike rack, then lock it up and you are good to go! If you would like a more detailed explanation, Kryptonite has a helpful guide to bike security.

As far as your legs will take you! You can get all kinds of places just by following the river paths, even all the way to Springfield! Just be sure to keep an eye on the time to avoid late fees.

Eugene’s bike paths are all shown on google maps, so your phone is your best friend here! We also have physical maps of the Eugene/Springfield area at our front desk, available upon request (limit 1 map per group).

Be sure to make note of the area where you entered the bike path so you can find it again later! If you still can’t find your way, feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to help you.

Did You Fall in Love?

If you rent a bike and decide that you can’t live without it, we’ll gladly put your rental fee towards the purchase of a new bike. Take home a new bicycle within 14 days of your bike rental and we’ll credit you up to $100 worth of rental fees!