• Not so Rad bikes

    We service and repair most e-bikes, but some internet companies refuse to deal with local businesses such that we have no recourse for advice, parts, or any network of support from the manufacturer. We do not take on the liability of working with such companies. Any company that claims to "cut out the middle man" is simply pocketing your local bike dealer's cut while potentially leaving you high and dry. You may pay less upfront but how much are you really saving? Will you have to pay for return shipping if you are dissatisfied with the bike? If you're considering an internet purchase, please give us a chance to source a comparable bike for you.


    What do you get from us?



    Our bikes are professionally built and safety checked. Every nut and bolt is properly torqued.


    Nothing is missing and you don't have to call a "1-800-no-answer" number.



    Our bikes come with 3 months free labor on any warranty issue. Many of our bikes have labor included for much longer.


    Bikes bought in-store receive discounted labor charges throughout their lifetime.




    The warranty process for internet bike companies can be tiresome and repetitive. Often requiring many days of back and forth to even qualify for warranty repairs.


    Our bikes are repaired right here in Eugene. No shipping or hassle for you. Ask about our loaner e-bikes, pick up, and delivery services.



    What exactly are you getting?

    For example, what is a "direct drive hub with regenerative braking"? (see below!). How much power are you really looking for?


    We have a broad selection of bike styles/power to choose from, and we will make sure you are happy on your bike BEFORE you make a financial commitment.


    We also encourage free test rides, because every bike feels different.

  • Regenerative Braking

    "Direct Drive hubs with regenerative braking"

    Customers ask us all the time: "Do you have bikes with regenerative braking?"

    No. We don't feel it's efficient or practical on an electric bike. For an average 30 miles per charge on a ride, 5% recapture of that is 1.5 miles. Is it really worth the additional weight and the resistance of pedaling a Direct Drive Motor to gain just a mile and a half? We don't think so.


    What a drag!

    Regenerative brakes require a heavy, physically larger (not so stealth!) direct drive motor. This is going to have an effect on your battery range. Also, direct drive motors don’t offer a freewheeling mechanism that insulates the rider from the motor. That’s okay if your battery has a charge, but if it runs out not only do you need to move yourself and the bike, but you also need to push against the resistance of the motor. Get ready for some hard pedaling!

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