• Conversions

    Conversions can get complicated, we know. If you are unsure of which kit seems best suited to you, please email or call us. We are more than happy to go through the options and answer any questions you may have.

    We do not mount kits bought elsewhere on the internet for liability reasons. We are confident in our choice of motor kits for their mix of efficiency, value, reliability, and ease of use.

  • Electric Conversions.

    Unlike many stores and websites, our price quotes include batteries and installation fee.


    Additional parts beyond initial assessment that are required such as, wiring harnesses or extensions, torque arms, bracket adapters, racks, etc. will incur additional charges. This is also to be expected for special requests, recumbents, trikes, and other bicycles with unusual geometries.


    Any additional charges and parts will be discussed with customer before installation.

    Turn around time: 2-3 days after final parts arrive.

    We require 50% upfront on all conversions.

    Quality custom work, guaranteed.

    For when you just need a little help.

    Least Expensive: Front hub 250w motor

    (push button and hold in for 1 level assist)

    1 yr ltd warranty on lithium battery, 2yr non battery

    14mph w/o pedaling, 8 mile $574 (adds total 11lbs)

    Higher quality, lighter 12 mile $674 (Adds total 9lbs)

    Additional $50 for 16 inch wheels

    $50 discount off shelf sale (You install!)

    Full size power and range, budget price.

    Popular rear hub kit, Samsung cells.

    500w 8FUN rear hub motor
    13Ah extended range battery, 30-45miles per charge
    Same motor and control systems that Magnum uses on their 48v premium folder!

    Comes with Magnum standard warranty.
    Total cost (inc. install) -- $1100

    Additional charge for re-lacing motor.

    Bafang Mid-Drive

    High torque, good battery life, reliable and weatherproof, and the ability to take advantage of your bike's existing gears make this kit worth every penny.


    Las Vegas based company with a 1 year warranty. Full support staff that ACTUALLY answers the phone, unlike many other Bafang distributors who cut costs by eliminating warranties and support.


    General Pricing

    500w motor / 10Ah battery: from $1599

    750w motor / 14Ah battery: from $1749


    Prices can vary depending on bicycle geometry. All extra charges will be discussed during initial conversion quote

    1000w motor available with 168N*m torque. 14.0Ah battery upgrades available (+400)

    If our other options don't suit your bicycle, we have partnered with Vancouver, Canada based company Grin Technologies.


    Grin offers a wide range of motors, controllers, batteries, and harnesses for every bicycle and tricycle.


    Grin carries both direct drive and geared motors, cadence and torque based PAS, and a variety of display options.

    Tell us what you want out of the kit and we can custom build you the E-bike of your dreams!

    Average cost, $1750

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