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Will my E-bike charge when I pedal?

In short, no and not enough to matter. We get asked the first question all the time. You can use an electric motor as a generator or a motor but not at the same time, so pedaling does not charge up the bike. Bionx advertises regenerative braking on their e-bike systems, prompting the second question. The discharge and charge rate of lithium batteries is set by their chemistry. Lithium batteries on e-bikes charge too slowly to salvage much energy from braking: perhaps 5% -- a trivial contribution to a bike's range. Most electric bicycles do not incorporate what is basically an expensive, inefficient gimmick. Sure, we'd like to get more range out of our e-bikes (the average bike in our store will only get you about 35 miles). But that's 35 miles you didn't go in a car. Here in Eugene most of our electricity is derived from hydro. So riding an e-bike instead of a vehicle saves a lot of carbon, is good for you and the environment. With an e-bike you are not as intimidated by hills, headwinds or longer distances and will use your bicycle for more errands you would otherwise have taken by car.

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