• If you see an E-bike from a manufacturer listed here not on our floor, not to worry!


    Shipping for special orders 1-3 weeks, depending on manufacturer.

    We have lots of e-bikes with over 29 different models to choose from.

    We often have special pricing on demo models

  • Rambo

    The newest additions to our line, Rambo bikes are made to endure the hunt. 


    They are tailored to fit the needs of hunters, theses fat tire bikes are made for all terrain, with emphasis on fields and woodland.


    When you ride a Rambo, you are using a powerful, stealthy tool that allows you to travel whisper quiet into the woods to scout the land, carry gear, or simply enjoy the ride.


    Kalkhoff is part of the Focus family of E-bikes which includes Kalkhoff, Gazelle, and Focus.

    Featuring super quiet Impulse 2.0 mid drives, built in rear wheel locks, and a simple, user friendly interface. Kalkhoff E-bikes are built for comfort and long range, up to 120miles with extended batteries.


    Israeli designs, German manufacturing; Magnum bikes are sleek and comfortable. Designed for the commuter, aggressive acceleration and powerful takeoffs define the Magnum brand.

    Magnum bikes are fun to ride and come standard with lights, rack, and fenders.

    John lives in Springfield and commutes on his Magnum.

    Easy Motion

    Our flagship brand, Easy Motion has the best warranty in the business: 5 years Motor/Electronics/Controller, 2 years battery, lifetime frame! Most models have ranges of 50 miles or more and have service lifetimes comparable to some cars! Needless to say, they are worth every penny.






    Want to feel E-mazing? Try one of these bikes.

    Using both a cadence and a proportional torque sensor, the E-mazing PAS is as responsive as it is smooth. Most E-mazing bikes weigh less than 44lb including the battery. All E-mazing E-bikes use a 350w Rear Hub motor.



    Looking for a reasonably priced mid-drive?

    These Canadian designed bicycles have a remarkable coaxial bottom bracket motor.

    The Jasper has a super low step thru and a laid back fit to ensure a cruise unlike any other.

    The Banff is perfect for smaller ladies.

    Both the Jasper and Whistler come standard with 750w motors, so you'll never want for power! These mid-drive motors are treeclimbers! If you have a tough hill to deal with, consider test riding one of these bikes.
    E-Prodigy bikes in 2017 can also come with a NuVinci Harmony internal gear hub






    Established in 2005 and based out of Massachusetts, E.G. produces affordable, entry level E-bikes. The EG Athens 250w ($1199) is the staple of our rental fleet and comes equipped with integral lights, rack and fenders! Goes up to 40 miles on one charge.

    Bike Friday

    We are Proud Dealers for Electrified Bike Fridays-bikes made in Eugene and converted to E-bikes in Eugene at our store--supporting your local community!

    Pictured right is Marie on a Pocket Companion

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