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Community Resources

Resources for Cyclists

We have collected a variety of resources here for your convenience. This page is not exhaustive but serves as a great quick reference for finding all sorts of information and tools for cyclists! Whether you want to get involved in your local community or on a nationwide scale, or you are just looking for information or regulations, we tried to gather as much useful info as possible.

Click any of the images or links below to learn more!

EEB Public Google Drive folder

Visit our public Google Drive folder to view a collection manuals and information for brands we currently carry, as well as any we have carried in the past! 

  • Navigate to a brand folder to see what manuals we have available.
  • To find warranty information, see the document titled “Warranty Directory” or visit the main website for the brand of your bike.

Resources & Guides

a map of bicycle routes in Eugene

Eugene & Springfield Bicycle Maps (English & Spanish)

Oregon state flag

Oregon State laws, regulations, programs, & more

A bicycle next to a bus

LTD: Bikes on the bus

A group of people on a bicycle path

Oregon Bicycling Manual

A woman riding in a bike lane next to a busy road

Eugene By Cycle: A Guide

A person removing a battery from an e-bike

The Bicyclist's Survival Guide

C2R's E-bike Battery Safety Guide

EWEB's MoveGreen E-Bike Rebate

Velocare Extended Warranty

Guide to E-bike Security

Anti-Theft Protection Offer

E-bike Battery Recycling

Involvement & Advocacy

E-Bike Incentive Toolkit by PeopleforBikes

Bike Advocacy Playbook by PeopleforBikes