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  • John

    John is affectionately referred to as the Big Chief. He rides in from Springfield daily on his Magnum UI5, sometimes with his wolf dog Shadow by his side. He has a solid mix of technical and customer service experience and can help you find the right E-bike for your lifestyle.


    John will be the one to answer questions at our email, and is always up for a mad scientist project or discussion about evolving technology.


    Marie likes to take her 11 year old for rides up steep hills on her Trek cargo bike with a 750W mid-drive conversion.


    She's not sure if she rides so she can eat or if it's the other way around. You'll find her by the computer praying the numbers come out okay.


    Michael is our lead tech. He moved from the UK in the late 80's and has 40 years of experience as a journeyman machine fitter and licensed industrial electrician. The surgeon to John's mad scientist, you'll find Mike with a pen, paper, and every tool known to man making our projects come to life.


    He didn't own a car until he was 30 and loves Eugene's bike friendly community. He gets to work on his GenZe, which he is always customizing.


    Tom discovered E-bikes in 2009 when he lived in the UK. He has certifications from LEVA and UBI. He rides around Eugene on his X-treme Trailmaker and wants other boomers to do likewise. He also designs, builds and flies scale WWI electric airplanes in his spare time.

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